With three years airbrush experience we know that you want to look and feel a million dollars. Professional makeup plays a vital role as you want to look your very best, feel comfortable as well as looking stunning in your photographs.

Airbase was designed for High Definition television and for hollywood films, so it looks great in photographs. After application the skin has an amazing flawless finish, hiding imperfections and evening out the skin tone. Airbase Airbrushing make-up is silicone based which allows the skin to breath while adding moisturisers without the excess oils. This ensures that the make-up does not aggravate the skin, so is great for brides with sensitive skin.

Airbase airbrush make-up gives the perfect base for your skin. Giving every bride the opportunity of having smooth, perfect skin for their wedding day.

Why is it Perfect For Weddings?

Airbrush make-up leaves skin incredibly smooth whilst looking natural, with flawless and even coverage. Due to its weightless feel it will make you think your not wearing any make-up, although it provides great coverage.

It’s also ideal for wedding make-up as it lasts all day without the need for “touch ups”! Great for wedding photography, or for a fabulous evening look. The best part is the long lasting results, its heat resistance and waterproof (just in case of any tears!).

The Airbase products contain Vitamin A and E to further enhance skins appearance by improving the elasticity and blurring out fine lines.

We provide bridal packages tailor made to suit your needs. Our professionally trained makeup artists will work with you a few weeks ahead of the wedding to get to know you and your style. On the big day you will be pampered to ensure you get the best possible start to the day. We also provide hair and makeup to the bridal party including mother of the bride and groom and the bridesmaids.

What We Will Do on Your Wedding Day?

The ultimate in pampering for your wedding day. We will start by cleansing the skin, we will then use the Airbase airbrush primer, which is fantastic! It evens out the skin and is extremely moisturising, it makes skin feel smooth and soft and creates the ideal base for your foundation.

Then comes the Airbrushing! We choose your perfect colour and then apply. For an even better finish we will then add some blush for definition and if you like the tanned look, the Airbase bronzer. We will then make up your eyes according to your chosen style. Striking, Vintage, Smokey or a more natural look. We then apply lipstick or gloss according to your preference and then you are ready for your big day.

We can also provide bridal hair, manicures, false eye lashes, spray tans and much more.

Our aim is to make you look fabulous for your special day. We have a relaxed but professional approach so please get in touch for a chat and a quotation.